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Latest Reviews
Rent a Cleaner Ltd
F. Johnsons 1453811734

My carpet cleaning technique is nothing compared to what RentaCleaner can do! I never thought that my carpeting could look so clean until I had them cleaned by professionals. Now I often have expert carpet cleaning teams in my home, for their technology and methods can really make a big difference.
Glossy Cleaners Ltd.
Alexandra Stevens 1453804150

I thought I had gone out of luck when I saw the condition of my carpet after the birthday party of my son. There were few ketchup splatters and at least two spilled drinks. I thought I needed a new one for sure, when a friend of mine suggested GlossyCleaners Ltd. Thought I%u2019d give it a try and I am now glad I did. The methods and gear their carpet cleaners used were more than enough to clear the stains and return my carpet to a brand new condition.
B-Clean Cleaning Services Limited
Flora 1318925639

The best cleaning service I have ever came upon at absolutely affordable price, recommend them strongly!
Lighthouse Carpet Care
Demy 1318322710

Lighthouse Carpet Care are absolute professionals in cleaning and their prices are reasonable, I recommend them strongly!
Elite Kleening
Christina 1317903405

Very good service provided, high class cleaning with no stains left. I am happy to be a client of Elite Kleening and I can recommend them without any doubt!
Get It Done
Mona 1317889709

I use this company from time to time and they always perform their duties excellently! I am very to happy to be their customer!
Ronda 1317888812

I used this company to clean my upholstery and I am very happy with the result. It had some really bad stains but all are gone now! So thank you!
Pro Clean Carpet Cleaning
Kate 1317824956

Pro Clean did their thing, the whole hose smelled of fresh spring. My first choice for any carpet cleaning needs we have! Kudos!
Franco\'s Carpet Cleaning Service
Emi 1317735567

My whole house looks so clean and fresh,all stains on the carpets are gone and there are only shiny colours! I think that Franco's Cleaning Service did an excellent job!
Aberdare Cleaning Service
Linda 1317651024

Outstanding job standards! Absolutely professionally performed services for quite reasonable rates! Highly recommend them!
Martin Turvey Professional Cleaning Services
Fiona 1317640818

Absolutely fantastic service. Punctual, friendly and very informative about any questions I had. The cleaning of my living room carpet was excellent and it looks like a brand new carpet has been laid. I would recommend Martin Turvey Professional Cleaning Services very highly to everyone.
Chemdry Direct
Laura 1317627027

An excellent job performed. Highly recommend their professional cleaning service!
Forest Cleaning
Lauren 1317298774

I have several oriental carpets and it is very hard to keep them clean. For that reason I use the services of Forest Cleaning and I am extremely satisfied with them! Professional work at its best price!
Axholme Carpet Cleaning
Jade 1317292357

My upholstery has never been cleaner since Axholme did their job. I am very satisfied with the provided service! I highly recommend them to everyone!
Fitz2Kleen Carpet Cleaning
Olivia 1317292228

I have children and my carpets get dirty easily. That's why I call Fitz2Kleen to make my carpets look beautiful again! Great service at the best prices I could say!
Devilishly Good
Alexa 1317278486

This company has cleaned my leather couch which had lots of stains. I am very pleased with the result which has been charged at reasonable price! Well done!
Custom cleaners
Marissa 1317220511

Custom cleaners delivered the best cleaning service I've had. Perfect in every aspect at amazing speed. Thanks!
Fabric And Fibre
Rose 1316433212

I am really happy with the service provided by Fabric and Fibre. They are extremely careful and polite and always perform excellent results. Highly recommend to anyone!
Clean n Fit
Eveline 1316075801

This company managed to clean the carpets in my entire house for just couple of hours. I recommend them for their speed, quality cleaning and good prices!
Adchem Carpet Cleaners
Mildred 1316070879

When I did my spring cleaning I decided to get some help and I wasn't disappointed. Adchem Carpet Cleaners came on time, did their job very good and left my carpets as clean as possible.

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