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How to Choose the Best London Cleaning Company Service

There are numerous carpet cleaning companies available throughout London. Amongst the scores of carpet cleaners, it can be a tough task to choose the best service provider. Here are some tips to get you started. 

Pricing factor 

Price is definitely a crucial consideration, especially when it comes to a carpet cleaning service provider. However, price should not be the only guiding factor when it comes to choosing a provider. There is always a trade-off between price and service quality and both are usually inversely proportional to one another. Thus, whilst the price of a cleaning company maybe lesser, the service will be of poor quality and vice versa. Ideally, you should try to strike a balance to ensure optimal pricing and good service.

Money back policies 

Another aspect you should consider is that cleaning company should have a money back policy. Such a policy guarantees that you get your money back in case there are flaws in the cleaning service or if you are not satisfied with the method of cleaning.


One of the most critical aspects to base your decision on choosing a house cleaning is the demonstration. The prospective company needs to provide you with a free, no obligation demonstration. This demonstration will help you assess the service levels of the prospective company. Once you get the demonstration, you can compare the services amongst different companies to make an informed decision.  

In order to separate genuine carpet cleaning from the fake ones, asking for a demonstration is crucial. Any reputed cleaners such as Carpet Cleaner will agree to provide a demonstration free. In this manner, you can decide which cleaning services are as per your standards and choose the perfect cleaning company you like.

Different Options to Use Whilst Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning your carpets need not be a time consuming task anymore. With the right tools and cleaning equipment, you too can become an expert at cleaning your own carpets. Here are some handy items, which are readily available and used to clean carpets.

Ammonia water mix

This is a time tested remedy to clean carpets. You need to mix in a teaspoon of ammonia along with half a cup of water. This solution can then be sprayed directly on the carpet area to be cleaned. If there are ketchup, mustard, pet, egg, blood or ink stains, this solution is a handy cleaning aid.

Dish detergent

You will need a quarter teaspoon of any good quality dish detergent and mix it with a quart amount of water. Use a tissue to blot out the existing carpet stain. Then, spray the detergent solution on the stains. Use a clean towel to blot and clean spots completely. Make sure you rotate the towel whilst trying to clean the area.


Vinegar has been a tried and tested house cleaning London agent for many purposes. In order to clean carpets with vinegar, you need to mix one portion of vinegar along with one portion of water. Use a spray can to saturate the stained area with this solution. Keep the solution on the stain for at least 15 minutes. Then, use a white clean towel to blot and remove the stain.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice has been a very popular cleaning agent for decades. Use neat lemon juice and fill into a spray can. Use it to clean carpets of lipstick, crayon, mud, egg, spaghetti sauce stains and others.

Professional cleaning

Whilst all the methods listed above tend to work well, they require time and energy. In contrast, hiring professional clenaers work well because they save time and hassle. Since these companies are specialised in handling carpet-cleaning jobs, you know your carpet will be cleaned thoroughly.

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